Joshua Nahas – Corporate Training

Financial Training Services – Distressed Debt Investing, Credit Analysis and Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring

Mr. Nahas provides specialized training for professionals and students on an array of topics with a focus on distressed debt investing, corporate restructuring and reorganization, leveraged finance, reading and analyzing corporate debt documents.  In addition, he provides instruction to prospective and new buy side investors on analyzing and implementing special situations and event driven investment strategies, such as capital structure arbitrage, CDS, distressed debt trading and control investing strategies litigation finance and litigation based investment theses, and investing in trade claims and other illiquid instruments.

Courses are offered either on ad hoc basis or as part of a package with a completion certification being issued to those who successfully complete a program and pass a written and oral exam. Unlike most certificates out there, Mr. Nahas personally signs the certificate and will provide a job reference to anyone who completes the program and passes the exam. The programs consist of a series of modules that progressively increase in sophistication and complexity and encompass a broad spectrum of required learning outcomes that are essential to professionals in the credit, distressed investing and corporate restructuring .  The modules include excel exercises, models and case studies from actual restructuring transactions, investment case studies and confirmed bankruptcies.  In addition, CPE level questions ensure that the expected learning outcomes are being achieved.  It is recommended that participants begin with the Capital Structure, Covenants and Reading Credit Agreements modules.


Introduction to Corporate Restructuring 100 – Distressed Credit and restructuring Primer

Introduction to Corporate Restructuring 101 – Out of Court Restructurings and Distressed Exchange Offers

Introduction to Corporate Restructuring 102– Chapter 11 Initial Phase of the Case

Introduction to Corporate Restructuring 103 – Chapter 11 Formulation, Confirmation and Going Effective

Introduction to Corporate Restructuring 104 – Buying and Selling Assets in Bankruptcy

Introduction to Corporate Restructuring 105 – Tronox Bankruptcy Case Study

Lesson Plan and Learning Outcomes for Excel Restructuring Training Companion Modules