Joshua Nahas – Publications

The following publications were written by Joshua Nahas:

Recent Bankruptcy Rulings and Their Implications for Distressed Investors

Trade Claims Primer

TOUSA Two-Step Ruled Fraudulent Conveyance by 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

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Capital Structuring and Credit Analysis V1

Covenant Overview V3

Credit Training Course Description V4

Dayton Superior Bankuptcy Case Study Model

Distressed Debt Case Studies V3

Distressed Debt Investing Course Agenda V4

Distressed and Special Situation Investing V2

Genco Shipping Overview V2-1

Overview of Credit Agreements V4

Special Situation and Activist Investing Presentation

Trade Claims

Tronox Wharton Class

Credit Analysis Primer (PDF)

Dayton Superior Case Study (PDF)

Distressed Debt Case Studies (PDF)

Distressed Investing Presentation (PDF)

Travelport Presentation (PDF)